Una giornata come tante!!!!

Ieri è stata una giornata come tante ma vorrei raccontarvi come l’ho passata! Come sempre, sveglia prestissimo per andare a lezione. Le mattine iniziano a non essere più così fredde devo dire, ma le mie moffole di lana non le lascio comunque!!!! Il tragitto sul trenino Roma-Lido è pieno zeppo di persone che vanno aContinue reading “Una giornata come tante!!!!”

My costume for Halloween!!!!

At the beginning of the month I started thinking about my costume for Halloween! My first idea was dressing as a fawn, I made the horns and wrote some outfit ideas, but I could not accomplish anything. So I will use my second option, a “modern remake” of the Phantom of the Opera! So theContinue reading “My costume for Halloween!!!!”

Rainy Day

After spending half a week at home, today I finally managed to see my boyfriend, but when I got out the weather was rainy, and with thunders nonetheless. Great!!!! I started the day early enough to bring out Max and feed him and to greet my father who returned from a flight. Then I cleaned myContinue reading “Rainy Day”