Old but Gold!

I’ve always loved videogames, especially those on console, PlayStation above all.

One of the sweetest memories of my childhood was when my father was playing in the studio and I went to see what was playing. He used to put me on his lap to show me what he was doing. I loved those moments!

I started thanks to my dad. I got my passion for gaming from him, although he prefers games of the FPS genre while i prefer the RPG genre.

Among the first games I’ve played there’s Kingdom Hearts!!!! Loved it, in every aspect, especially for the presence of Disney characters.

Then there’s The Sims, another one of my favorites. I still play the forth installment of the saga today. What I really like of it is the almost complete freedom given to the player in creating and managing what is basically a virtual dollhouse.

The third game I remember from my childhood is Stronghold, witch I used to play at my grandparents’house. What really intrigued me of that game was watching the animation, especially those involving the workers doing their jobs.

These three games are the reason I started my wonderful journey in the world or gaming!

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I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,