Little update and something to say!!!!

Hello, I’m back!!!! I do this little update because I didn’t have so much time to write. It has been two months since I started the lessons and a month that I started to study so I had to put aside the blog project. The study come first!!!! This year will be the most challenging of allContinue reading “Little update and something to say!!!!”

A small holiday!!!!

This weekend my relatives from Milan have decided to pay us a visit. We had not seen for months, but for the occasion of the rugby match Italy vs All Blacks they came in Rome. They are came my cousins Elena, Cristina and Nicolò with my uncle Gian Franco. The first day  I took them for aContinue reading “A small holiday!!!!”

The Academy!!!!

I attend the Academy of Fine Arts for three years now. Today I started the lessons. After class I went to Largo Argentina with Federica and Caterina to buy a book. To get to Largo Argentina we took a walk on Via del Corso. By the way we saw the Venchi shop, and for the firstContinue reading “The Academy!!!!”

My new hair!!!!

Today I decided to fix the haircut that I have for past two years. Probably you didn’t know that I spent many years with very short hair. Since I was little I always had long hair so I decided, after a bad period, I had to cut everything. And after two years my hair has grown back.Continue reading “My new hair!!!!”

October is gone!!!!

Another of my favorite months is gone! But before we begin November I would like to tell you about my Halloween! I started packing my things, in my beautiful Fiorelli’s backpack that I bought from Asos, to go to Caterina’s house. It is very comfortable and elegant, usually I use it to go to the Accademia. WhenContinue reading “October is gone!!!!”

Tv Series!

Tv series are another part of my daily routine. I’ve watched, and still watch, many tv series, the first one being Friends. Friends is special because it has been with me in the saddest moments of my life so far, giving me and idea of what true friendship really means. My favorite character is Monica:Continue reading “Tv Series!”

Rainy Day

After spending half a week at home, today I finally managed to see my boyfriend, but when I got out the weather was rainy, and with thunders nonetheless. Great!!!! I started the day early enough to bring out Max and feed him and to greet my father who returned from a flight. Then I cleaned myContinue reading “Rainy Day”

Halloween is coming!!

October is one my favourite months of the year after July and August. It’s the month of warm colours like red, orange and brown. It’s also time to throw away summer clothes and put on some nice warm sweaters and last but not least is the month of Halloween!!!! I love creating Carnival costumes orContinue reading “Halloween is coming!!”