Dolcetto o Scherzetto? Si, ma un bel film?!

Eccoci al giorno più atteso di Ottobre in cui i bambini, e non solo, si travestono per andare a fare “Dolcetto o Scherzetto” in giro per le case del quartiere. Ma non ci sono solo dolcetti o scherzetti in questa notte da paura, perché c’è sempre spazio per un pò di cinema! Tutti gli amantiContinue reading “Dolcetto o Scherzetto? Si, ma un bel film?!”

Lush Halloween Colletion 2017.

Come sempre Lush non si smentisce e per ogni occasione sforna prodotti nuovi. Nella nuova collezione Halloween 2017 offre una tavolozza di colori stupendi, passando dal rosa glitter dello spumante da bagno Pink Pumpkin, al lilla del mostriciattolo Monster’s ball. Anche quest’anno ritorna il verdissimo Lord of Misrule (sia in versione bomba da bagno che crema da doccia) e laContinue reading “Lush Halloween Colletion 2017.”

October is gone!!!!

Another of my favorite months is gone! But before we begin November I would like to tell you about my Halloween! I started packing my things, in my beautiful Fiorelli’s backpack that I bought from Asos, to go to Caterina’s house. It is very comfortable and elegant, usually I use it to go to the Accademia. WhenContinue reading “October is gone!!!!”


Yesterday was the birthday of my little sister Ginevra! We went for lunch to my grandmother’s house and then we ate the cake! Usually when we celebrate a birthday, when we sing the “happy birthday”, Max barks every time! He is so cute!!!! The cake was a profitterol with the cream around. It is not my favorite cakeContinue reading “Saturday!”

My costume for Halloween!!!!

At the beginning of the month I started thinking about my costume for Halloween! My first idea was dressing as a fawn, I made the horns and wrote some outfit ideas, but I could not accomplish anything. So I will use my second option, a “modern remake” of the Phantom of the Opera! So theContinue reading “My costume for Halloween!!!!”

To the Beach!!!!

A day at the beach! Today, my boyfriend and I went to the beach, and had lunch there. I ate pasta with zucchini and it was really good. Then Enrico, my boyfriend, began looking for the masks for our Halloween costumes. At the moment, the idea is this: I am a revisited modern version ofContinue reading “To the Beach!!!!”

Halloween is coming!!

October is one my favourite months of the year after July and August. It’s the month of warm colours like red, orange and brown. It’s also time to throw away summer clothes and put on some nice warm sweaters and last but not least is the month of Halloween!!!! I love creating Carnival costumes orContinue reading “Halloween is coming!!”