Cucina tra sorelle: Cheesecake giapponese.

Non sono mai stata una brava cuoca, con i fornelli ci faccio un piatto di pasta e poco più, ma la mia sorellona non se la cava affatto male. Quindi ho pensato, perché non scrivere delle sue ricette? Ieri mattina a mia sorella è venuta l’idea di cucinare una torta che qualche tempo fa spopolavaContinue reading “Cucina tra sorelle: Cheesecake giapponese.”

October is gone!!!!

Another of my favorite months is gone! But before we begin November I would like to tell you about my Halloween! I started packing my things, in my beautiful Fiorelli’s backpack that I bought from Asos, to go to Caterina’s house. It is very comfortable and elegant, usually I use it to go to the Accademia. WhenContinue reading “October is gone!!!!”


Yesterday was the birthday of my little sister Ginevra! We went for lunch to my grandmother’s house and then we ate the cake! Usually when we celebrate a birthday, when we sing the “happy birthday”, Max barks every time! He is so cute!!!! The cake was a profitterol with the cream around. It is not my favorite cakeContinue reading “Saturday!”