To the Beach!!!!

A day at the beach! Today, my boyfriend and I went to the beach, and had lunch there. I ate pasta with zucchini and it was really good. Then Enrico, my boyfriend, began looking for the masks for our Halloween costumes. At the moment, the idea is this: I am a revisited modern version ofContinue reading “To the Beach!!!!”

Rainy Day

After spending half a week at home, today I finally managed to see my boyfriend, but when I got out the weather was rainy, and with thunders nonetheless. Great!!!! I started the day early enough to bring out Max and feed him and to greet my father who returned from a flight. Then I cleaned myContinue reading “Rainy Day”

Halloween is coming!!

October is one my favourite months of the year after July and August. It’s the month of warm colours like red, orange and brown. It’s also time to throw away summer clothes and put on some nice warm sweaters and last but not least is the month of Halloween!!!! I love creating Carnival costumes orContinue reading “Halloween is coming!!”