My new hair!!!!

Today I decided to fix the haircut that I have for past two years. Probably you didn’t know that I spent many years with very short hair. Since I was little I always had long hair so I decided, after a bad period, I had to cut everything. And after two years my hair has grown back.


Like every morning I started the day with cleaning my face and put on some skin care, because my skin is very dry in the morning and I have to moisturize.

Senza titolo-1.jpg

Then I play a little bit to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, because as you know I have a real passion for this games.


Then I went out to the hairdresser. It’s a very nice lady named Barbara who works at home as a hairdresser. When she checked my hair I wasn’t sure that she could fix the cut, but she done a great job. My hair had completely different scaling, but she has managed to bring them into line. I’m very satisfied!

And this is the final look! I know, you do not notice the difference from the picture, but there is! I have to say that I don’t really like myself with straight hair, but when she dry my hair I had no choice, because no one knows how to dry my hair.


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,



My Room Tour!!!!

Welcome to my room!


Today I want to show you my bedroom! I used to share a room with my sister Gaia, but then I moved to this one. It is a pretty spacious attic but I have only a single small window.  For fun everyone calls my room a “small cave”!!!!


Entering on the right there is the desk, from Ikea. On the desk I usually put my sketches, my agendas, my colors for drawing and all my books for the Accademia. The14793768_1335938839750570_1318194482_n.jpgn on the right I hold the my grandfather’s tripod that I keep with great care, and that reminds me of my artistic origins as part of my father’s family.

On the wall I have a cork board where I hang a lot of things. There are my favorite photos: one of my boyfriend and me as a child with my family, a picture of Venice and the photo of a real UFO!!!! 

On the center there is my calendar of Tuscany that I always keep on August because it is the month in which I was born and because poppies are among my favorite flowers.

On the cork board I also keep tickets of museum and/or cinemas that I visited with Henry, as the ticket for the ViGaMus, the VideoGame Museum where we went on Valentine’s Day.



 On the right of the desk there is my mirror which I use when I put my  makeup. On the mirror I hang my masks, then on the shelf underneath I have all my makeup products, nail polish, creams, perfumes and a little plate where I put my jewelry.

Near the mirror there is the window. Under the window there is a small bench with drawers where I keep my comics and an action figure of a dragon, my favourite mythical creatures and a Venetian style mask. On the bench I put some fluffy pillows, two with eyes and one in the center with a printed kitty.


On the same wall I have two dressers. On the wooden one I keep my jewelry boxes, my necklaces and some Disney action figures of Mickey and Alice. On the white dresser I have two boxes for belts and bags and my dragon plush.


The Bed!!!!


I love my bed!! For the height of the roof I had to buy this futon that makes me think of my beloved Japan! It is so comfortable, like sleeping on a cloud! On the sides of the bed there are two tables on which I keep my favorite plushes and on the head of the bed I hanged some seashells.

On the wall beside there’s a white closet where I keep the rest of my clothing and on the top of it there are my dolls of Hercules and Pegasus, that I have since I was a little girl.


But the most important part of the room is …


My Assassin’s creed collection!!!!

I started this collection in 2008 with the release of the first game and since then I have not stopped. It is not only my favorite videogame saga, it has also been a constant source of inspiration and has inspired me to study history along with art. I loved every single character in the saga and their troubled histories, so the only way to pay my respect to this beautiful work was to give it a place not only in my heart but also in my room!

I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,