A Magical day!!!!


Yesterday I finally saw Fatastic Creature and where to find them!

15356032_1384848634859590_130058033_nThe day began with a ride to the mall with Rebecca, one of my oldest friends.

As always in my outfit there must be my beloved Vans and my backpack from LiuJo! I had my classic black coat from Zara, that reminds me of the coat of Newt Scamander, and the pants from Bershka.

Usually when I go to see a movie with special sets I tend to dress in theme, to enter the atmosphere of the film!

I know it’s weird, but it was still fun!

At the mall my friend Rebecca took me to a wonderful shop, called Sabon! It is a shop specializing in researching new fragrances and aromas offering a wide range of natural cosmetics for body and face care.


The shop it looked like a harry potter shop, with wooden shelves, with lots of colorful decorations, with many fragrances, and at the center of the shop it was a well. It was magical!

For dinner we ate sushi non-stop. And it was delicious!


And after dinner we finally arrive at the cinema which was full of Christmas lights!!!!


Now I want to discuss a little bit about the film. It is not the first time I see a movie with Eddie Redmayne, and once again I must say that surprise me. He was able to play the character perfectly!

The magical world in the Harry Potter films was limited to Hogwarts, now has expanded worldwide and made the film much bigger than I expected. I loved it and I am very glad that there will be others!!!!


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,




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