A small holiday!!!!

This weekend my relatives from Milan have decided to pay us a visit. We had not seen for months, but for the occasion of the rugby match Italy vs All Blacks they came in Rome. They are came my cousins Elena, Cristina and Nicolò with my uncle Gian Franco.


The first day  I took them for a walk on the Tevere. It was a rainy day but we were still able to enjoy the moments spent together.



After the walk we went from Via Giulia a historic street of Rome to get to Piazza Farnese where we found Palazzo Farnese which it was the French Embassy for a very long time.

Than we made a small snack! I took the pizza with mortadella which in Rome is called “mortazza”. I love it!!!!

 From Piazza Farnese we arrived at Campo dei Fiori so called because there was a flowery meadow with some cultivated garden and use today for the market. The evening has a wonderful atmosphere!!!


The second day my sisters and I brought them to the Basilica of san Pietro and the Musei
Vaticani because they had never seen them.

As always, the whole square was cordoned off for visitors who wanted to visit the Basilica so we had to turn it all but it was still nice to cross the colonnades of Bernini. Fortunately It was a sunny but cold day!

In fact I have put my  wool scarf, my new gloves and pants with fur inside from Calzedonia!

And here we are in the Musei Vaticani! The first thing that my uncle wanted to see was the Cappella Sistina. So before we went down the hall of statues


and then of the Italian maps.


That was stunning!!! It is not the first time I visit the Musei Vaticani but every time it is amazing!


After exhausting day we went to dinner at a neapolitan restaurant. it was all delicious!!!!

Today unfortunately are back in Milan and I will miss very much until the next time!

I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,





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