The Academy!!!!

I attend the Academy of Fine Arts for three years now. Today I started the lessons. After class I went to Largo Argentina with Federica and Caterina to buy a book. To get to Largo Argentina we took a walk on Via del Corso. By the way we saw the Venchi shop, and for the first time I saw a chocolate waterfall as like of Willy Wonka.


It was incredible and the smell was so yummy! At the library we have bought the book for the course of Digital Cultures.


After buying the book for the academy we went shopping at Tiger. It is a very fun store that sells all kinds of decoration or toys. From Tyger I bought a cup with many eyes, a little bit creepy, and handkerchiefs for the kitchen. Then I bought two plushes, one for Henry and one for me!


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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