October is gone!!!!

Another of my favorite months is gone! But before we begin November I would like to tell 14962487_1350079468336507_2068365023_n.jpgyou about my Halloween! I started packing my things, in my beautiful Fiorelli’s backpack that I bought from Asos, to go to Caterina’s house.

It is very comfortable and elegant, usually I use it to go to the Accademia.

When I arrived at Caterina’s house we ate something and did some shopping. We went to buy food and decorations for the party, and when we come back we prepared us for the Halloween party!

When we ate some snacks we found a beautiful bar with Halloween decorations and desserts like little ghosts or this rectangular cookies, that I never saw before!

Senza titolo-1.jpg

When we returned at home I helped Caterina to prepared her costume.

14937031_1350079588336495_952714404_n.jpgAt first she wanted to dress like a demon but when we tried to fix the horns they went to broken, so we started looking for other costumes.

And we found in her wardrobe a long pink dress to make the costume of a Greek statue, and we decided our makeup.

And now there is my costume!!!!


FINALLY I can show you my Halloween costume!!!! I’m so exciting of this costume because I prepared it from September! If you are interested on how I made it, go to read “My costume for Halloween!!!!”

And the Halloween party can begin, we have created the perfect atmosphere and we put some good music for dancing! I had a great time with my friends!!


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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