Ashes of Ariandel

The DLC of Dark Souls 3 has been released yesterday!!!!


I’ve already seen something from YouTube but now I’ll try it. I’m a big fan of the saga since the first Dark Souls, so this one for me is special. Someone criticized the title for the references at the first game, but I don’t care. When I started the only thing that I thought was “Dark Souls is back!!!”. I don’t think that the second game was a real trash but, I can say that is not the same thing   compared at the others.

At first when I played the game I really hated it, because I didn’t know how to play it, so I died so many times, like anyone alse! YOU DIED!!!! I will never forget that writing! But when you grow, in the game like your character, it’s so satisfying!

dark-souls-3-ashes-of-ariandel-v1-497765-360x360.jpgAnd there it is the ASHES OF ARIANDEL! A DLC on the painted world, no one saw that coming since everyone was expecting a DLC on the Hollows.

You started the DLC from the Cleansing Church bonfire in particular. where you find an old man with the last piece of the painted world and say that there’s another like you and that the flame must return in the painted word.

When you enter in the paint you immediately notice that is the painted world, but not the same in the first game. The enemy are different and there are a lot of wolf that remind me to Sif.
When you arrive to the bridge and to the chapel of Ariandel you find an NPC that notice that you are the Ashen One and inviting you to enter! In the chapel you find Friede asking you to go back where you came from. In the painted world there are a bunch of creatures that are so similar to the crows of the first painted world but without feathers. Then you found another NPC how probably the painter of the first painted world, how want to return the flame in that world. But for now is all I have seen.


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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