To the Maison!


Yesterday my family and I went shopping to Parco Leonardo, one of the many shopping malls in Rome. Among the many shops, one I really like is Maisons du Monde.

Maisons du Monde is an elegant french shop specialized in interior design.

As soon as we entered I noticed right away that, up on the shelves, Christmas decorations, including colorful snowballs and lights, had already been set.

I found some quite funny decorations, like this crocodile with tutus and these little animals of the forest between white snowballs.

Immagine di natale.jpg

The shelves are mainly divided into colours and materials, from gold and blue to various shades of pink with rose gold.

The area that I preferred most was filled with geometric decorations in bright colours and shapes like pineapple and flamingos.

On one of the shelves I found this little golden agenda that I bought to use as a journal for notes and sketches for my blog.


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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