Frame the Web Series!!!!


A new episode of Frame has been released today!

Frame is a web series born last year from the talent of my friend Sofia. She is a very skillful artist who, like me, has a great passion for cinema, to the point of starting this project. The web series talks about a group of teenagers who participate in a tv talent show set in their own school. Until now four episodes have been released and some special episode. In this series there are many kinds of teenagers. There’s the cheerleader, the vain, the timid, the coolest of the school, the rocker and the girl next door with her friend. We usually have shot the scenes near a school between Laurentina and Cecchignola. Usually I’m a technical help but in the last episode I replaced an actor who hadn’t come to the shooting. All of this is fantastic because I had the chance to spend all the morning with my very lovely boyfriend and my friends!

If you know me a little bit, I love cinema and for me this experience is a great opportunity because one of my dreams is to work in cinema!


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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