Rainy Day

After spending half a week at home, today I finally managed to see my boyfriend, but when I got out the weather was rainy, and with thunders nonetheless. Great!!!!

I started the day early enough to bring out Max and feed him and to greet my father who returned from a flight. Then I cleaned my room and had breakfast with grapes and pears. After that, time to put on some makeup.

My makeup routine is really simple: I don’t use skin care products, only some Nuxe cream to moisturize my skin. Then, I apply some eyeshadow from my Essence Nude palette on my eyes for a little bit of contrast and blend all with Wycon brush


For the eyelashes, I use Wycon Brown Mascara, because I think it makes the makeup more natural.

After lunch I went out  with my boyfriend Henry and after we went to the mall to have a snack and walk.

Today I wear a simply outfit with some jeans from Jennifer, an orange t-shirt from Mango and my blue jeans jacket from Gap. To carry my things with me I have my faithful little black backpack from LiuJo.

I have a little update about my costume for Halloween. While I was shopping in Zara I thought about others ideas for my costume and I was considering the Phantom of the Opera foes ab inspiration. I don’t have done a sketch yet but I think I know how to do it. It will be loaded as soon as possible!

I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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