Halloween is coming!!

October is one my favourite months of the year after July and August. It’s the month of warm colours like red, orange and brown. It’s also time to throw away summer clothes and put on some nice warm sweaters and last but not least is the month of Halloween!!!!

I love creating Carnival costumes or party themes, but Halloween is really special to me. I’ve always loved the horror tales and the stories of fantastic creatures, to the point that I believed them to be true.

I’ve watched several movies about them, and especially about vampires. They are, to me, the most fascinating creatures, able to bend any human being to their will, which intrigues me very much. Truth be told, vampires in movies take many roles: in Nosferatu (1922), vampires are represented only as blood-sucking monsters. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), the vampire is a seducer above anything else. In the Underworld saga, vampires are hunters of other creatures. And then there’s my absolute favourite: Dracula Untold!!!!


In this movie, one of my personal favourites of all time, there’s what I believe to be the best characterization of Dracula. He’s a prince who vows to protect his kingdom from the Turks at all costs, even selling his own soul to the devil. But alas, in doing that, he loses everything. This movie’s Dracula is different from the previous ones: even though he becomes a beast, his immeasurable love for Mirena/Mina is what makes him human, which is something that I loved to see.

But back to Halloween, I wanted to tell my idea of outfit for this year. For this Halloween I decided to dress like a fawn. I have already made my horns and I’ll tell you how I made them.

First of all I took the tinfoil as a base for the horns. Then I used hot glue to shape it and to create the texture of the horn. After a while, when they completely dried, I painted them with brown spray can. Then I took a lot of fake flowers and glued them with hot glue on a hairband. That’s it!


And for the outfit of the costume I drew this sketch. I chose these colors to remind the autumn forest and because they are my favorite.

Costume Cerbiatto.jpg

I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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