Busy Day

Another busy day.

Today I’m woke up at six in the morning to help my little sister to get ready for school. Then I fed my cat Cornelia, and I did a walk with my dog, Max. He is an adorable dog that we have found on the street years ago.


I was at home alone until lunch so I cleaned my room and then i started working at my computer. I’m doing so much work for the current errand. I started this errand at the beginning of the month and I’m working so hard for this.

I finished now and I’m so tired!

At home we have a strong and funny tradition for festivities like Halloween, Christmas or Easter, to the point that we keep our house decorated for weeks or even month. This year I decided that I will also “decorate” myself for those occasions.

The color for this month is ORANGE!

I did my manicure with this beautiful orange/brown polish that I bought from Ovs. I changed my bag with this orange Zara that I love. And my mom has bought this adorable pumpkin puppet. I don’t know where it comes from, though.


I hope you’ll like this blog, let me know your impressions,


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